Westinghouse Electrical & Power Fuses

As a distributor of Westinghouse fuses, you can always find a wide variety of Westinghouse's medium voltage fuses in stock and ready to ship from Fuseco. Westinghouse has been in the power fuse business for over 40 years and continues to engineer higher performance cost-effective power fuse products. Westinghouse works to ensure that they have a fuse to satisfy your overcurrent protection needs.

Westinghouse Fuses & Products Distributor

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*Westinghouse is an Eaton brand

Westinghouse manufactures both current limiting and expulsion medium voltage power fuses such as the following series:

  • HLE: Helical Configuration Current Limiting, E-Rated
  • CLE: Current Limiting, E-Rated
  • CLS: Current Limiting Starter, Motor Rated
  • HCL: Current Limiting, Clip-mount, E-Rated
  • CLPT: Current Limiting, E-Rated
  • RBA: Refillable, Boric Acid
  • RDB: Refillable, Dropout, Boric Acid
  • And more

Fuseco is the largest stocking distributor in the U.S. of electronic and electrical, domestic and import, power distribution blocks, terminal strips, fuses and fuse holders. Contact our trained specialists today to learn how we can meet all your Westinghouse fuse needs.