Marathon Special Products Distributor

As a distributor of Marathon Special Products, you can always find a wide variety of Marathon terminal blocks and fuse holders in stock and ready to ship from Fuseco.  Marathon Special Products has been designing and manufacturing terminal blocks and fuse holders for over 50 years and continues to offer the highest quality products with the shortest lead times.

Marathon focuses on terminating devices and circuit protection to make sure that they have a terminal block or fuse holder to fit your specific needs.

Marathon Special Products Fuse Blocks & Holders

Marathon Fuse Blocks & Holders

  • Kulka Terminal Blocks
  • Single & Double Row Terminal Blocks
  • Heavy Duty Terminal Blocks
  • Sectional Terminal Blocks
  • Military & Navy Class Terminal Blocks
  • Class H, K, R, T, J, CC, G Fuse Holders
  • And more

Fuseco is the largest stocking distributor in the U.S. of electronic and electrical, domestic and import, power distribution blocks, terminal strips, fuses and fuse holders. Contact our trained specialists today to learn how we can meet all your Marathon Special Product needs.