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As a GE fuse distributor, you can always find GE's current-limiting power fuses and fuse holders in stock and ready to ship from Fuseco. GE power fuses are commonly used to protect systems that supply industrial plants, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, office buildings and underground residential services.

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GE Fuse Distributor

Some of the advantages of GE current-limiting power fuses include:

  • High interrupting capacity.
  • Noiseless operation, since the interruption is totally contained
  • Fast current-limiting operation when troublesome high available fault currents are encountered
  • No pressure build-up, therefore, no vents or special reinforced compartments are required

Fuseco is the largest stocking distributor in the U.S. of electronic and electrical, domestic and import, power distribution blocks, terminal strips, fuses and fuse holders. Contact our trained specialists today to learn how we can meet all your GE fuse products needs.