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Mersen - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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The DIRIS A40 model provides measurement of RMS values for 3 phase current plus neutral, phase to phase and phase to neutral voltage, frequency, total and per phase active, reactive and apparent power, total and per phase power factor as well providing average and maximum values of current, phase to phase and phase to neutral voltage and frequency, and total active and reactive and apparent power. It also measures the active, reactive and apparent engergy in 4 quadrants.The A40 also monitors voltage and current harmonic distortion levels up to row 51.

Features and Benefits

Pushbuttons provide for easier operation and allows for quick access to all data Backlit screen provides superior visibility in all lighting conditions ASIC chip ensures superior accuracy Plug and play modules allow users to purchase only functions they need Compact 96 sq. mm. design with retaining clips allows for quick installation Self diagnositc menu helps identify and automatically fix incorrect connections

Approvals and Compliances

UL Listed CSA Certified

AC Rating

Voltage inputs 50 to 500VAC
Current inputs 5 to 10000 A

Auxiliary power supply 120 to 350VDC (120-250VDC UL approved)

DC Rating

Auxiliary power supply 120 to 350VDC (120-250VDC UL approved)


E257746 (PICQ2.E257746)


3631-35 (112964_0_000)