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Mersen Fuses - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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Ferraz Shawmt UltraSafe™ Fuse Modules have a unique, compact design suited for use with 45mm wide IEC contactors. These modules also offer other features not found on other Class CC and midget UltraSafe fuse holders such as an auxiliary contact option. When the auxiliary is wired to an adjacent contactor the load is dropped out by the contactor immediately once someone tries to open the fuse extractor handle. Additionally, the fuse module features padlock capabilities, compact busbars for line side terminations, and tool free removal from DIN rail. Yet the fuse modules still incorporate well known UltraSafe features such as IP20 protection, easy operating fuse extraction handles and an open fuse visual indication option.

Features and Benefits

Circuit breaker replacement Compact footprint, 45mm width High Short circuit current ratings - 200kA-UL/CSA, 100kA-IEC Dedicated 3-pole module Motor starter protection 600V 30A rated AC/DC Quick, easy fuse change UL 508 Spacing IP20 Finger safe protection Auxiliary contact option -Breaks load with contactor not USFM Remote indication Optional open fuse indicator lights 25 % smaller package Din rail mounting with tool free removal Lock out tag out in open position with 1/4\ shank diameter Feeder wiring bar w/terminal - jumper bars tie up to 5 units together Flexible IEC contactor connector - 45

Approvals and Compliances


AC Rating

& 85mm length


DC Rating

10 X 38mm holder  meets IEC 269, 690V 32A

RoHS Compliant