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Mersen - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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DC Rated Ferrule fuses designed to interrupt very high fault currents and are recommended for general purpose and semiconductor protection in DC Circuits. &quo;

Features and Benefits

Blown Fuse indicator striker20x127 ceramic cylindrical body

DC Rating

  • CC 1551 CP gRB - 0.8 to 5 Amps, 1000vdc at 100kA, L/R=100mSec
  • CC 1500 CP gRB - 0.8 to 5 Amps, 1000vdc 30kA, L/R=30mSec
  • CC 1500 CP gRD -6 to 25amps, 1500vdc at 30kA, L/R=55mSec
  • Full range D.C. operation<


E76491 (JFHR2.E76491)