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Mersen - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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Ferraz Shawmut gF fuse-links cover a wide range of physical sizes and ampere ratings for 250 and 400 volt AC applications. gF fuse-links are for residential use and all ratings have ceramic bodies with silver plated ferrules. Most ratings are available with optional indicator.

Features and Benefits

7 Physical sizes: 6.3 X 23mm, 8.5 X 23mm, 10.3 X 25.8mm, 8.5 X 31.5mm, 10.3 X 31.5mm, 8.5 X 36mm and 10.3 X 38mm.250VAC and 400VAC ratings - 0.5A through 32A.Most ratings available with indicator. Exceptions are size 6.3 X 23mm 2, 4, 6, and 10A.Ceramic fuse bodies with silver plated ferrules.All fuses are sand filled.

Approvals and Compliances

Meet IEC, NFC, UNE and British Standards.RoHS Compliant

AC Rating

  • 250VAC 6000A I.R.; size 6.3 X 23mm, 2 through 10 Amperes.
  • 250VAC 6000A I.R.; size 8.5 X 23mm, 2 through 16 Amperes.
  • 250VAC 6000A I.R.; size 10.3 X 25.8mm, 6 through 16 Amperes.
  • 400VAC 20kA I.R.; size 8.5 X 31.5mm, 0.5 throu


4451256 (4281384)


5551212 (4748481)