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Mersen - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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Ferraz Shawmut has developed a true 1000V AC/DC fuse designed to protect both analog and digital multi-meters. These fuses cover all the industry’s multi-meter requirements in three easy to use amperage ratings. Good for 1000 volts AC and DC, the FSM line of Ferraz Shawmut fuses are designed for the power electronics metering and controls market.

Features and Benefits

For the protection of multi-meters 1000V AC/DC for full range protection 100 % Current Rated for continuous current carrying capability Glass melamine body and plated terminals superior reliability and performance

Approvals and Compliances

UL Recognized Component JFHR2.E60314

AC Rating

  • 1000VAC

DC Rating

  • 1000VDC