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Mersen - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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Ferraz Shawmut ULTRASAFE-(TM) modular 600 volt Fuse Holders for Class J fuses introduce a new level of safety and ease for installing or replacing Class J fuses. ULTRASAFE holders qualify as \finger safe\ &quo; to an IP20 grade of protection under IEC standards. The US3J accommodates 30A Class J or 22 x 58 mm French Ferrule (holder not UL Listed with 22x58mm) fuses. ULTRASAFE holders are available in compact 1

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or 3 pole units

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with or without blown-fuse indicators in each pole. Multi-pole units can also be made up in the field by using the multiple-pole Assembly Kits. All units have provisions for locking in the open position for safety during fuse changeouts or equipment servi


E52283 (IZLT.E52283)