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Mersen Fuses - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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Ferraz Shawmut UltraSafe™ modular 24, 48 and 600 volt Fuse Holders introduce a new level of safety for Midget 1-1/2\ x 13/32\ &quo; as well as DC rated fuses up to 30 amperes. UltraSafe holders qualify as \ &quo;finger safe\ &quo; under IEC and DIN standards to an IP20 grade of protection

Features and Benefits

including fuse changing (with the flick of a finger). UltraSafe holders are available in 1

Approvals and Compliances


AC Rating

3 or 4 poles

DC Rating

with or without blown-fuse indicators in each pole. AC indicators are orange and DC are red. The multi-pole units can also be made up by ordering pin-tie handles for field assembly. UltraSafe holders save up to 15 % mounting space and any combination


All UltraSafe™ Fuse Holders meet the requirements of UL512UL Recognized Component Guide IZLT2, File E52283CSA Certified C22.2, Class 6225 File 32169IEC 269 (690V, 32A)RoHS Compliant (600VAC, 30A Min. voltage to operate indicator light: 90VAC / 115VDC (Less than 0.7mA leakage current at 600V)800VAC, 30A without indicatorWithstand rating: 100kA I.R.)