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Mersen - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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Ferraz Shawmut surge suppression fuses are specially designed to address the protection of TVSS systems. The surge suppression fuses have been specially designed to withstand 8x20 MicroSec surge pulses without opening, allowing the TVSS system to react to the surge. All surge suppression fuses have a 8x20 MicroSec surge rating, not a continuous current rating. Under AC short circuit conditions these surge suppression fuses are very current limiting.

Features and Benefits

VSP fuses rated 600VAC, 200kA I.R.Surge Ratings of 5-100kA 8 x 20 ySecDesigned to help meet UL 1449 Second Edition RequirementsVarious Mounting Configurations Ferrules, Blade, Bolt IN

Approvals and Compliances

UL Recognized ComponentFile E60314, Vol.3 Special Purpose MOV ProtectorRoHS Compliant

AC Rating

5-100 kA 8x20 MicroSec Waveform 600 VAC, 200 kA I.R.


E60314 (JFHR2.E60314)


1422-30 (1422-30 012636_0_000)