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Mersen - formerly Ferraz Shawmut


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The ATM1 is a Ferraz Shawmut 1 amp, fast-acting, midget fuse in Ferraz Shawmut's asset protecting Amp-Trap 2000 line. ATM1 fuses are rated 600V AC and 600V DC, with a 100kA interrupting rating. These ratings make the ATM1 ideal for supplemental protection on a wide range of circuits, transformers and small motors, that are not covered by other midget fuses. The ATM1 can be used with a Ferraz Shawmut ULTRASAFE USM fuse holder.

Features and Benefits

3For supplemental protection of small motors and transformersExtended ratings for special protection of capacitors and circuits with high inrush currents600VDC ratings for a wide variety of applications

Approvals and Compliances

UL Listed to Standard 248-14, CSA Certified to standard C22.2 No. 248.14, 1/10 - 30ADC UL Listed to Standard 198L, CSA Certified to Standard C22.2 No. 248.14, 1/10 - 30ARoHS Compliant

AC Rating

  • 600VAC, 100kA I.R. (1/10-30A)
  • 600VAC, 10kA I.R. (30/35-50A)

DC Rating

  • 600VDC, 100kA I.R.

UL Class



E33925 (JDYX.E33925)


1422-01 (1422-01 012636_0_000)