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Mersen - formerly Ferraz Shawmut

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Ferraz Shawmut Form 600 fuses are the original current limiting fuses, pre-dating all the standards. Their 500V DC rating (through 600A) is a useful feature for special fusing applications. Form 600 fuses provide a high degree of current limitation in AC and DC applications. Types 1 and 3 are dimensionally interchangeable with Class H and K fuses. Types 4 and 5 have unique rejection dimensions and are not interchangeable.

Approvals and Compliances

UL Recognized Component (1-600A) Guide No. JFHR2  File #E60314 DC Tested to UL248- Parameters (1-600A) Some Ratings RoHS Compliant

AC Rating

  • A2Y 1-600A  250VAC, 200kA I.R.
  • A6Y 1-8A  500VAC, 200kA I.R.
  • A6Y 10-1200A  600VAC, 200kA I.R.

DC Rating

  • A2Y 1-600A  500VDC, 100kA I.R.
  • A6Y 1-8A  500VDC, 100kA I.R.
  • A6Y 10-600A  500VDC, 100kA I.R.


E60314 (JFHR2.E60314)