Cable Limiter Fuses

Fuseco is one of the largest stocking distributors of cable limiters from manufacturers such as Mersen (formerly known as Ferraz Shawmut), Cooper Bussmann, and more.

Cable limiters are fusible devices that provide very fast short circuit protection to faulted cables and other conductors such as busway. Cable limiters don’t have ampere ratings and are instead selected by cable size. Cable limiter fuses are primarily used to isolate fault cables in circuits containing three or more parallel conductors per phase.

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Cable Limiter Fuses

Cable Limiters

  • Help prevent total power outages when cables fault
  • Helps prevent unfaulted cables from overheating 
  • Helps minimize the damage of arc flash hazards

No matter your fuse type need, contact your local Fuseco representative for more information on our products and services.